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Co-hosted seminar “Aqua Week”

InterAqua will hold a series of useful seminars at Tokyo Big Sight, ranging from water treatment technology to the latest case studies.
Pre-registration is required for both sessions. Please register early!
*No pre-registration is required for exhibitor presentations.

主催者セミナー ※事前登録制(来場事前登録完了後セミナー聴講登録をしてください。)

10:30~12:00 The future after water administration transfer - Aiming for a sustainable local community 50 years from now Stage A
12:20~13:05 Introducing examples of initiatives focused on technology, research, and diagnosis related to water quality management at AIST Stage D
13:30~16:30 Future Lifestyle and Water Science Research Group Public Symposium ~Water treatment, sensing, and nanoscience that will support future life~ Stage D
15:30~16:50 Stable operation and equipment maintenance of wastewater treatment realized by IoT and cloud monitoring Stage C
10:30~12:00 Contributing to environmental improvement and efficiency through innovation and technology - Future possibilities of water business - Stage C
13:20~14:05 Contributing to a recycling-oriented society and reducing global environmental impact through new materials ~ Application to adsorption technology and water purification ~ Stage D
15:15~16:45 Taking on the challenge of energy conservation and global warming countermeasures through the development of new sewage technology and wastewater treatment ~Public-private efforts to create the future~ Stage C
10:30~11:30 The latest environmental solutions that support a sustainable society Stage D
12:30~13:45 Water infrastructure challenges to prevent regional warming and address water disaster risks due to climate change Stage A

Exhibitor presentation *Please come directly to the venue on the day.

12:30~13:00 Introducing solutions essential to promoting DX in the water business, from engineering to construction and maintenance of equipment and assets. Stage C
13:20~13:50 Team Water Shiga × A sustainable future led by water treatment technology ~Water environment business taken on by the Shiga Water Environmental Business Promotion Forum and member companies~ Stage C
15:00~15:30 Water smart meter architecture for fully utilizing data from meter reading to beyond Stage C
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