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Exhibition of water business supporting susttainable corporate activities

Addressing water shortages and environmental issues on a global scale has become an urgent issue in order to create a sustainable society. In addition, Japan is experiencing a full-scale population decline and the risks of abnormal weather and social change are emerging, and we are entering an era in which further efforts and fundamental revisions are required.

Corporate activities are no exception; corporate activities and management that incorporate perspectives such as a decarbonized society and response to SDGs are required.

InterAqua2025 will be held under the concept of" Exhibition of water business supporting susttainable corporate activities," and will cover not only innovative technologies but also examples that can be implemented right now.

This exhibition, now in its 16th year, will continue to grow together with you as a forum for solving water environment issues both at home and abroad, responding to the diversification and complexity of market needs. Please make use of this exhibition as a gateway to new business and a window for ongoing corporate activities.



InterAqua 2025 16th Water Solutions Exhibition

Session period

 Tokyo Big Sight East Hall:

January 29th (Wed) - 31st (Fri), 2025 10:00-17:00

Sponsored by JTB Communication Design, Inc.

Japan Society of Safety Engineers, a non-profit organization

Rainwater Storage and Infiltration Technology Association

Global Center for Sewerage (GCUS)

Industrial Environmental Management Association

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Energy Conservation Center General Incorporated Foundation

New Energy Foundation

Japan Association for Chemical Innovation 

Water Technology Research Center, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation

National Water Supply and Sewage Consultant Association (Public Interest Incorporated Association)

National Building Maintenance Association

National Water Utilization Facilities and Environmental Hygiene Association (Public Interest Incorporated Association)

TeamE-Kansai (Kansai/Asia Environment/Energy Saving Business Exchange Promotion Forum)

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industry Association

Japan Liquid Clarification Technology Industry Association

The Japan Institute of Energy

Japan Chemical Fiber Association

Japan Machinery Federation

he Society of Materials Science, Japan

Japan Industrial machinery Manufacturers Association

Japan Iron and Steel Institute, General Incorporated Association

Japan Facility Management Association

Japan Membrane Society, General Incorporated Association

Membrane Separation Technology Promotion Association

(in alphabetical order)

Exhibition scale 50 companies, 80 booths
Expected number of participants 40,000 people *Including concurrent exhibitions/online participation (of which 30,000 people visited Tokyo Big Sight)
Admission fee Free (complete online registration required)

Theme/Exhibition target


Exhibition of water business supporting susttainable corporate activities

Water Efficiency Effective Use of Water Resources and Energy Highly Functional Water Smart water(Re)Cycle System Application of ICT/IoT for Water Management Water Environmental Risk and Sustainability Global Water Business

Exhibit target

Materials/modules/components Various water treatment membranes (RO, NF, UF, MF), ceramic membranes, ion exchange resins/membranes, various filter media, water purification agents, adsorbents (activated carbon, chelate resin, etc.), microorganism immobilization carriers, water treatment agents ( coagulants, dehydrating agents, floating agents, heavy metal scavengers, disinfectants, cleaning agents, etc.), various sensors, LED devices for water sterilization, piping materials (pipes, fittings, couplings, valves, etc.), etc.
Equipment/equipment Sewage and wastewater treatment equipment, sludge treatment equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, oil-water separation equipment, evaporation and concentration equipment, water purification and water treatment equipment, (ultra) pure water production equipment, seawater desalination equipment, filtration equipment (membrane separation equipment, Microfiltration machines, rapid filtration equipment, filter presses, etc.), MBR units, ozone treatment equipment, ultraviolet (LED) sterilizers, ultrafine bubble diffusers, micro/nano bubble generators, pumps, blowers, wastewater recovery and reuse equipment , various measurement and analysis equipment, smart meters, etc.
system services Water treatment engineering, water treatment maintenance services, ultrapure water supply services, recycled water supply services, groundwater and rainwater utilization services, remote monitoring and automatic control systems, data management and analysis solutions, automatic meter reading systems, IoT communication networks (LPWA, etc.), business Support solutions (asset management, wide area monitoring services, equipment maintenance software, etc.), analysis services, evaluation/consultation (water risks, energy conservation, environmental measures, etc.), financial/investment planning support, etc.
Disaster prevention/environmental measures/
Energy saving/energy creation
Disaster countermeasure filtration equipment, public health countermeasure equipment (manhole toilets, etc.), emergency power supplies, rainwater utilization and storage systems, green infrastructure, emergency flood countermeasure technology, water radioactive material countermeasures, energy recovery and utilization systems, heat exchangers and drainage Heat recovery equipment, power generation pumps, micro hydroelectric power generation, biogas power generation, biomass power generation/heat utilization, etc.

Target audience

Previous visitor's work field (region)

Target audience

Government offices/municipalities/foreign embassies
Water and sewerage utilities
Water treatment engineering
Management service
Equipment/equipment/machine manufacturers

Factories, plants, facilities, etc.
Private water users

Food/Beverages, Chemicals/Materials, Paper/Pulp, Automobile Manufacturing, Electrical/Electronic Industries, Parts Manufacturing, Plating Processing, Energy, Medical Equipment/Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Hotels, Commercial/Retail Facilities, Building Management, Hospital/ Welfare facilities, schools, etc.

Consulting/trading company
Information communication/IT vendor
Overseas visitorsResearch institutions/universities
Corporate Users / Public Agencies Organizations and MunicipalitiesElectronic Power / EnergyEquipment, Facility, System

Private users of manufacturing industries and facilities

Plants & Engineering / Construction / ConsultantsInformation & Communication Technology
Raw materials, industrial materials, water chemicals Trading Firms & AgenciesUniversity, Research

Venue configuration: Tokyo Big Sight

14 simultaneous exhibitions accelerating collaboration across industries and fields

Exhibition sustainability initiatives

JTB Communication Design (JCD) is an exhibition hosting and operating company that promotes the holding of sustainable exhibitions.
We make proposals from the planning stage, including sustainability policies, procurement codes, and operational methods.
We actively support the efforts of the sponsoring companies and organizations to achieve sustainability. We aim to realize a sustainable society by collaborating not only with the traditional ecosystem of the industry but also with local communities.

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